What Makes Premier Pain & Spine Different?

Top Chicago Pain Management Doctors

Let’s face the fact: Not all pain practices and their functions are alike and not every “Pain Doctors” are specialized and formally trained in Pain Medicine. We think that just by attending weekend course and passing some basic test do not qualify some as a Top Chicago pain management physician.

We take pride in our pain management doctors in Chicago who have completed an additional post-doctoral Fellowship specifically Pain Medicine and have been trained at the most prestigious university programs in the country, such as Northwestern University, University Hospital of Columbia and Cornell, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Hospital for Special Surgery, and the University of Michigan.


In addition to this, the fellowships are certified by the ABA, the “definitive and most-established” certification for Pain Medicine. All our physicians are Double Board Certified in Pain Medicine and Anesthesiology.

Premier Pain & Spine has been known as the only group in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs that houses Fellowship-Trained physicians in “Multi-Disciplinary” Pain Medicine, emphasizing to providing treatments to patients with pain from a comprehensive perspective.

There’s no one form of treatment responsible for dealing with every painful condition, and therefore we use a balanced approach when it comes to care and cure for our patients, The treatment options may include medications, physical/occupational therapy, pain psychology and holistic/integrative options.


We believe in integration of different modalities of pain-reducing therapies to provide you pain relief and give you the liberty to get back to your everyday activities and live a more functional and productive life that you deserve.