Testimonials & Highlights


My mother is a current patient here. Dr. Dasgupta and his associates have been a tremendous help with my mother’s pain management, especially when she was at her worst! I can’t thank them enough for what they’re doing for her. The reception staffs are amazing as well! So very helpful & courteous! Thank you Premier Pain for all that you’re doing & have done!! ♡♡♡

J a s o n S t o r e y

I have always had a good experience with all of the staff at this location and in Schaumburg. They do a great job of explaining the situation and discussing the options available.

Henry Jones

Susan Jahn really listen and take detailed notes of each visit. The entire medical group and receptionists are pleasant and cheerful. And i complement Dr Said . Thanks !

Cheryl Craig

So excited to have found you! I have been suffering from chronic low back pain for most of my life. Was told another surgery was the only option. Had my first epidural injection yesterday and already feel 80% better than I have in years. Dr. Arpan Patel and staff were awesome! Where have you been all my life?

Julie D.

Been going to them for 3 years for neck and arm and upper spine pain. I see Dr Arpan Patel who is the head of the group. Extremely knowledgeable, great bedside manner, and offer the latest options in pain management beyond pills. Highly recommend 2 locations Schaumbugh and downers grove. I live in south Elgin and I gladly drive either locale if I know pain relief is possible!

Jordann S

Came in for a injection and the team is truly amazing they make sure you are comfortable and just always nice to see you !! Very helpful team:)

Debbie G.

5/5 Stars! Always caring and compassionate!

Alysa F.

I met with Dr Amish Patel and team today for the first time with lower left back pain. Everyone was incredibly professional, caring and Dr. Patel expertise was just what I needed! Got trigger point injections even today and will be getting SI Injection by his colleague, Dr. Dasgupta on Friday (yeah insurance with no auth needed!) I feel much better knowing I’m now I’m in their care as my last pain doctor was nightmare.

Merrill M.

Working with Premier Pain & Spine was amazing. Due to the number of clinics and flexibility in scheduling, they’re quick to book last minute appointments when they’re most necessary.

Kathleen Moss

Dr Arpan Patel – Responsive, proactive, excellent skill set

April Haynes

Wonderful, friendly, and caring staff as well as the doctors.

Liam Bowman

Have been going to different pain management doctors in both Chicago and Kansas City. Dr. Patel has provided the best care I have had to date! As a group, they gently started to wean me off of some of the most powerful and addictive pain medicine! After more than 2 years, they have found the perfect balance between natural and prescription! Medical Cannabis combined with a single pain patch I wear daily has allowed me to stop taking pain pills all together! I love their approach to finding different solutions to pain! This is the happiest and most pain-free I have felt since 2011!

Jeffery McMillan

Best Dr I have had in over 15 years. I owe Dr. Arpan Patel for getting me to the point where I can at least function some. Before I went there I could barely walk and my leg would shake so much that I would fall over. My back and SI joints were in excruciating pain as well. I still have pain today but nothing like it was before I saw him. Thank you and your wonderful staff for helping to get me better and always being kind and helpful.

J. M.

I feel that Dr. Patel understands my pain and my overall situation. He has been considerate of the issues that I face and has provided consistent care that is attentive and effective.

Skye A.

I’ve had knee injections before for OA but Premier Pain is the leader in patient care in this regard. Very thorough pre-injection patient screening and during the procedure I was given the utmost consideration in a clinical setting. Staff and doctors are prudent and have the highest standards for patient wellness and safety. I am glad to say these injections were almost pain-free and administered with minimal discomfort. I look forward to my future appointments with Premier Pain & Spine to alleviate my knee pain!

Scott Tloczek

I am a Patient of Dr. Said, I have been seeing him ongoing for right knee pain that is a ongoing problem of many that I have including severe Parkinson’s Disease That complicates matters even more, needlessly saying I see a multitude of doctors who never received a complement from me . Dr. Said takes the word pain out of your experience by offering you himself a humble,caring, overwhelmingly compassion and extremely knowledgeable any procedure he provides to you by explaining step by step in common “ understanding terminology “ which makes you feel at ease prior to your Procedure and during your procedure he keeps you well informed. His attention to detail is simply impeccable and exceptional . Dr. Said is worth an opportunity to serve you, I personally recommended a good friend of mine to see him and she said “ He is fantastic I never knew you would receive and injection into my knee by a Guided catheter inserted Into my knee and then given a shot in my knee and feel great “ Dr. Said is now my pain management specialist anybody I can give you an injection into your body parts blindly. But a skilled truly professionl Dedicated and compassion and Doctor will always make a healing and meaningful relationship with his patients . Thank you Dr. Said and your wonderful team at the Berwyn pain center

Carrie B Hartzler

I have been a patient with PPS and so was my Mom the doctors we saw were compassionate, thorough and always took the time needed to explain procedures. I personally had care from three physicians and they truly care about your quality of life.

Beatrice B

I feel that the staff listen to my concerns regarding pain control and treatment options. I only wish that Dr.Dasgupta had more hours available at the Schaumburg office.

T e r y s a W o j n a r

Dr Amish Patel has been great to work with. Being very thorough and making sure that my pain is under control. The staff here are great and very responsive to any and all questions. I highly recommend them!

Danny Joe McDaniel

I have had nothing but good experiences since I began going there over 5 years ago.

John S.

Excellent – Physician Assistant Jeff is Thorough and informative.

Stephanie Chamerlik

Premier Pain absolutely the best!; Dr Omar Said – Would recommend to other patients

Joseph Roberts

I am writing to let you know that I am very pleased with the services you provide. I have been struggling with back pain for well over ten years. I have seen a countless number of doctors, and I was always given the push off with Physical therapy, medication, and rest. In receiving the Epidural shot series, as well as the nerve burn it has decreased a good portion of the pain in my upper back. I will continue to see you and your team for my back and any other services I would benefit that I need, and your team provides. I want to give a huge thank you to you, your Physican Assistants, and as well as the team in the procedure room for the excellent bed side manner, empathy, and professional etiquette. Your medical team does an excellent job addressing the needs of the individual, through active listening to make sure the can provide accurate service. I also want to thank you front desk staff and other staff for providing outstanding customer service, and empathetic listening ear to my needs, multi-tasking and assisting others. I will continue to recommend your services to those who need them because of the wonderful experience I have had and continue to have.

Edward Snoble

Very impressed with the entire staff. From making the appointment to checking out at the front desk. I would highly recommend PPS.

Kim Reynolds

I’ve been managing severe back and neck pain for nearly ten years, while trying to retain my quality of active life. I find Dr Dasgupta and the whole staff here to be compassionate, fair and efficient. When dealing with chronic pain, it’s as important to work with someone who makes sure you don’t abuse medicine as it is to attain pain relief. I trust this place for both. I still live in pain, but thanks to Premier it doesn’t rule or ruin my life.

Brian S.

Dr has really helped with migraine and pain reduction. conservative quality doctor and staff

Carol Gray

I have already told a friend of mine to call Dr.Arpen Patel.She also has back problems. I really like him,he is very caring to his patients,and takes care of you. He’s very honest,and says it like it is. I won’t go to anyone else. The nurses are super also.

Leonard F. Koziol

Tops! As good as gold! Very professional, sincere, knowledge. Keep up the excellent work! You guys are the best and I have seen them all!

Bebe Harvey

I have been seeing Dr. Amish Patel, M.D. for many years. He’s very knowledgeable and compassionate. The staff is awesome too.

Ellen Igoe

The Schaumburg staff is always friendly, patient and helpful. The treatments are well done on an as needed basis.

Barbara Mickel-Buckley

Today I visited PPS for the first time and I cannot say enough wonderful things about the care I received. From the moment you walk in the office, you are greeted by kind and caring staff. Then I met Dr. Amish Patel. He spent a lot of time consulting and examing me; I never felt rushed! He was extremely attentive to my needs, pain and care. I wish all doctors were as caring and as attentive as he was. I will definitely recommend him!

Robin G.

Both my husband and I were EXTREMELY pleased with Dr. Patel and the amount of time and patience he spent with us answering our questions. After multiple referrals to other physicians, CT scans, MRIs, medications,etc, it is finally nice to have someone listen for a chance and realize that my symptoms are real and I am not going crazy. 20+ years of the nursing field has taken its toll on my body and I don’t want to spend it the rest being miserable. Thank you Dr. Patel!!

C i n d y M c N a m a r a

I am so glad a friend referred me. My pain is more under control. Docs & staff are great.

Kevin B.

I have had several pain management doctors since I was in a wreck back in 2011. Moving to Chicago I was worried I wasn’t going to be able to find a doctor to handle my medications. When I first saw Dr. Amish Patel, he came in with a plan. It was simple, he wanted to try different alternatives to opioids. At first I was scared, but a year later I am completely off pain pills and my pain level has gone down significantly though injections, patches and alternative methods; Best Pain Management Doctor I’ve Had!

Patrick M.

Awesome staff who were able to get me in and treated a lot sooner than anyone else could at the end of the year. (Made a late November appointment and was able to be treated about a week later).

Michele Stipek-Saia

They are so nice and professional!!! And are so up to date on the most modern technology! I love Dr. Arpin Patel he’s amazing!!!!!

Kathy D.

Awesome place. Appointments are prompt. Staff is great. Dr Patel kind, thorough and took away my pain!

Margaret S.

I herniated 2 disks and needed a procedure done ASAP, before I left for a trip a week later. They fit an appointment in by the end of the week, and in the meantime, contacted my insurance and fought for us to get approval so that we could keep our appointment and not have a miserable trip. Very pleased with the experience

Amanda S.

I loved it! The staff is wonderful – always kind, patient and willing to answer any questions you have. Dr. Said was extremely nice and down to earth. Straight and to the point – no beating around the bush and funny!

Edward Walter

So glad I went here. I had severe chronic pain in my lower back. Turns out I have Spinal Stenosis a moderate case. Dr Dasgupta performed an epidural steroid injection in lumbar and SI joint areas. Now there is no pain. It has been 6 months. If you have pain anywhere, I strongly recommend Premier Pain and Spine

Mike Olmstead

Dr Said is very thorough and explains things easily to understand

Karabetsos, Colleen

Every lady that works there is fantastic. Dr Dasgupta is a tremendous physician.

Amanda F.

Always have a great experience here. Staff is super friendly with an easy check in and out process. The doctors never make me feel rushed and hear what I have to say. Thanks for making dealing with pain a comfortable experience!

GK1 Transfer

I cannot say enough about the front desk staff and Dr. Siad. What amazing people from start to finish. My husband had dealt with back pain for 11 years. Dr. Siad was the ONLY doctor who was able to help him and who took my husband’s pain seriously. My husband’s pain level is down to a 2 from an 9. I highly recommend this office and it’s staff and doctor’s.

Casper D.

Dr D has helped me live with chronic pain. very concise with his explanations. includes me in determining the best plan and course of action to take. Very empathetic and is genuinely interested in what I have to say. The staff is courteous and amazing in every way. They truly engage and ensure I am comfortable and never feel rushed. The office atmosphere is comfortable, clean and inviting. I wouldn’t change dr’s for anything in the world.

Posted 3/2015 on Vitals.com

I went to Dr. Dasgupta with excruciating pain in my lower back. After the meeting he had me go for an MRI. Next meeting we made an appt for an epidural. It worked great for almost a year. I got another one and worked also. When upper back got bad and he looked at that MRI, he told me he could not do anything until I saw a surgeon first. I did and was told that if he would have given me the epidural it would have been very, very bad. I trust him 100%. I believe he really cares and knows what he is doing.

Lisa F.

Absolutely love this place! Dr. Amish Patel is amazing and makes you feel so comfortable! Positively one of the best doctors you will ever go to!!! Definitely go to this place, everyone there makes you feel right at home and is so nice!

Linda Prince

Dr. Apran Patel, you hit the spot that stopped my pain in my back and legs and I just want to say Thank you.

Gary Davison

The entire staff was 5 star exceptional & took the time to discuss my problem and the procedure I was about to experience. The injection itself was painless & I was very comfortable during the entire procedure. My nurse told me the most pain I would feel, was her having to insert an IV as I elected for mild sedation. She was 120% correct. My fear was quickly removed. So if any one who reads this that has anxiety and nervous about this type of procedure, you have nothing fear. You will be in excellent hands with Dr. Amish Patel. Thank you Doctor for your time and making me comfortable.

Colleen Murphy

If it weren’t for the staff and Dr. Arpan Patel, I would not be doing as well as I am today. I want to say thank you for the help you have been giving me.

Melanie D.

Dr Amish Patel has been treating my Fibromyalgia pain for two years now. I have seen many Pain Doctors over the years but not until I came to him did I get the wonderful treatment and understanding of my disease!! I would recommend him to anyone experiencing chronic pain..

Tammy Bush- Marriner-Pugh

I have been driving over an hour each way to the Schaumburg location for a few years now and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Not only is the staff amazing so are the doctors!!! They listen to your pains and don’t ever make you feel your issues are in your head. Love them!!!

A n t h o n y L o r u s s o

Superb staff and pain management clinic. Dr Dasgupta is an excellent doctor.

Sherri Leach

I found the staff, everyone from the front office to the doctors to be extremely friendly, caring, and compassionate. I am a practice manager of a surgical clinic and I only hope that my staff is as impressive.

W a l t e r S a r a n i e c k i

This is a very professional and caring practice. They have helped me so much with the painful effects of a recent auto accident. They are not a “Pill Mill”. They are conservative with their medications but are also sure that they prescribe enough to make life bearable. They have performed many procedures on me, all of which greatly reduced my pain even if just for a few months. The latest procedures were pinch point injections which have lasted many months.

Karen McQuillen

Dr. Arpan Patel was very informative and reassuring about the procedure.

Jennifer A.

I have been seeing Dr Said for about 1 year and could not be happier. I actually feel like I have my life back as I am a migraine sufferer and had approximately 12 to 15 migraines a month for the past 16 years and in the past 6 months my migraines have decreased to about 4 to 7 a month. This still sounds like a lot but to me this is a whole new world and I owe this to Dr Said who has taken the time to make sure I had every option available to me. The staff at Premier Pain and Spine are very sweet and kind and I have nothing but nice things to say. I would recommend Dr Said to everyone! For the first time in 16 years I took a week long vacation with my husband with no migraines and it was amazing!

Marie S.

I’m typing for my mom, Marie Scaccianoce she’s been a patient for years mom says that the staff and doctors are the kindest, caring and empathetic group of people she has ever met, the doctors listen to her and work with her to find a solution for her pain and suffering. Mom says God bless them all.

Chris Lyons

Dr Arpan Patel and his staff have been professional, efficient and caring. I have experienced only positive interactions in all my appointments.

Patricia Thomas

Dr Arpan Patel – Great, very informative, and professional

Holly G

Best place ever! Thank you for helping the pain go away! I wish I found you guys right away because I suffered and no one helped me the way you did. I saw Dr. Dasgupta.

Kathleen Golden

Dr Amish Patel – Very thorough with education & listening to patient symptoms

Cindy Monou

Dr Said great, very knowledgeable, and encouraging. Your office staff is terrific.

Scott Phillips

Dr. Said and his staff are extremely professional, kind, and caring. They listen to the patient to help find a solution to your suffering. Highly Highly recommended. My story: I had gone to several back specialist Northwestern and Rush. Both confirmed I have a disc problem and both prescribed physical therapy/PT after taking an MRI. PT did almost nothing for my back the pain was so bad some days I could hardly get out of bed. Went back to Northwestern and they said I was not a candidate for back surgery and If I wanted it they could not guarantee it would work. I ended up see Dr. Omar Said through the recommendation of my mother. Dr. Said mentioned that he could administer a shot in my back to elevate the pain and possibly strengthen the problem with the disc. Over the course of 2 years I initially was getting 1 shot every 4 months after 3 shots it was once every 6 months then I thought I may not need another shot till I was hit by a 17 year old kid and rolled my car for the second time. The first accidental rollover was caused by black ice. I am now receiving shots once every 4-5 month but they are helping again. No other doctor ever mentioned shot before Dr. Said. I am forever thankful. I am able to stay active maybe not as much as I would like but I am not bed ridden. I able to work, fish, kayak, and do other multiple actives I know my limits I don’t always respect my limits but at least I am able to enjoy life again.

Mary Beth Thede

This place is always great! The team and Dr. D always do a good job and they want to make sure they help you as much as possible. Would definitely recommend if you’re having trouble and need to manage pain.

Humble Tiffani

This is my second trip for trigger point injections. The visits, so far, have been quick, painless, and effective. Staff have been thorough, friendly, and informative. So grateful to have found PP&S. Highly recommend.

Edie Goldstein

I have been to several pain management doctors and Dr. Sunavo Dasgupta is by far the best. He is very considerate and he is remarkably prompt. He keeps his schedule on time with the assistance of Esmerelda and Diana. They are just terrific!

Maggie Dahm LoCicero

Dr. Arpan Patel and his staff are highly educated, compassionate and know how to treat their patients with kindness and caring.

Marie Castiglione Gregory

The staff is wonderful..just can’t say enough about them!! Dr Dasgupta is the best. Listens.. takes time to answer your questions..gentle..so very knowledgeable always professional just a great Dr. I have recommended many people to him.

Richard M.

Dr. Omar Said is very professional. Very knowledgeable and thorough with your treatments.I highly recommend them if you are experiencing pain or discomfort to make your life better.

Jackie C.

Dr Dasgupta is one of the most professional doctors I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, and his bedside manner is awesome!! He also works with some really lovely staff, the girls are always extremely pleasant and accommodating. Love this place and the people.

Christina L.

Dr. Amish Patel and all of the staff are great and really listen to you as patient. They are kind and provide a calm and friendly atmosphere which is helpful for when you feel like crap. They work with you in deciding what treatment would work best for you. I would definitely recommend.

Erika Rosas

Front desk Traci showed compassion and professionalism in scheduling my appointments. She went above and beyond to assure that my appointment worked for my schedule. Kudos to PPS!

Love the Staff

Arpan Patel Love him, very courteous 12 out of 10 – love the staff!

Nicole D.

They are truly amazing! The staff is super friendly and attentive and Dr. Arpan Patel is amazing! He’s very caring and friendly. I highly recommend them for your pain needs!

Great job

Great job

Deborah Bonner

Stanley Tloczek

I just started a course of pain relief treatments under the direction of an exceptional pain management Physician Dr, Omar Said in the MacNeal pain center. I like to take the opportunity to express my overwhelming praise for this great doctor, let me first say that I’m an elderly gentleman that is extremely scared and frightened of doctors. Under the advice of an overwhelming recommendation of my wife and disabled son. Dr. Said is it compassion thorough detail caring and sympathetic and very knowledgeable and explain things thoroughly prior to the procedure to make sure you entirely understanding prior and during the process to make you feel Very comfortable. Postop and after care is exceptionally detailed and thorough I felt like this Doctor helps you feel no pain before during and after your procedure. Dr. Omar Said is an extremely gifted medical professional with a superior awesome bedside manner. I with no doubt and hesitation give him five platinum stars. He takes the pain out of pain that seems like an oxymoron but it’s completely true. Thank you!

Tracy Novak

Premier is the best medical facility I’ve ever been to. (I’ve been to too many.) They are spot on with everything from their timely scheduling, to the drs that have an incredible amount of compassion for the patient. Premier also stays on the cutting edge of medicine… Quite simply, you are in safe hands at premier.

Deborah Del Percio

Dr Said seems very thorough and explained things in language I understand.

Arlene Herin

Dr Patel – Success again! The spinal epidural is effective,. I have my life back. Thank God for good doctors.

Patricia P

Thank you Dr. D and staff for all your care and help over the past year. Last September I could barely move because of the horrible pain in my lower back and left leg. The pain was so bad I was forced to sleep sitting up! Dr. Dasgupta did three procedures on my lower back. I can honestly say I am well on the way to recovery. I would recommend PPS to everyone!

Leonard F Koziol

Tops! As good as gold! Very professional, sincere, knowledgeable. Keep up the excellent work! You guys are the best and I have “seen them all”!

J a m e s A r d i t o

“Saw me fast, gave me a good plan of action. Patel did not seem rushed.”

S. S.

Knowledgeable and friendly. Very good experience and satisfied with the care and treatment.

R Iverson-Brown

Today I saw Jennifer. She’s professional, friendly, and compassionate = Awesome! The people here, every one of them) could not get any better!

David Alessi

Very professional and a lot of fun to deal with. Keep doing what you are doing.

Catherine Domres

I found Dr. Dasgupta and all of the staff very compassionate. My pain was greatly relieved with only 2 injections. My life has changed. Thank you!

Patricia Tischler

Mike and I would never go anywhere else for treatment. Premier Pain is the best and we love and trust everyone here. Thank you for your care and treatment. Please know how much it means to us.

Abigail A.

These people are incredible. I saw Dr Dasgupta, following a recommendation from a friend. He is knowledgeable and courteous and extremely professional. Within a day the pain I had in my neck from a herniated disc, that I had dealt with for months, had gone. I thoroughly recommend them. The staff are wonderful.

Jasmine L.

I’ve been attending this clinic since 2013 when I was diagnosed with CRPS and they have been taking Great care of me and the staff has been wonderful!


I am very happy here since December 2012 with Dr Dasgupta and the staff is also great. I receive excellent care and would recommend to everyone.

Patient and Understanding

Everyone is so patient and understanding. Everyone above and beyond the call of duty!

John Hartmann

Dr. Patel has provided me with pre-surgical and post-surgical services along with preventative medications and procedures over three years. Not only is the staff great but the compassion, care, and concerns for my welfare and comfort are just terrific. What a great team they are and have become in the consistent welfare and well being for my recoveries and continued heath needs.

K e l l y T h o m a s

They are the best! Always on time and always friendly. They work with my schedule.

David Gregory

They take time to listen! Very Knowledgeable! Great job don’t change!

Joy Horak

Premier Pain has an awesome staff who cares about you. They listen to you the patient and help you as best as possible. Love my Dr. Dasgupta!

Sue S

I’ve had injections for lower back pain before, but , it wasn’t until I found Dr. Said at the Downers Grove location that I actually got some relief AND I didn’t even need any anesthesia! I never felt the injection! PPS really knows their stuff!!

Mary Osborne

Dr. Amish Patel is very reassuring and I felt comfortable with his care.

Carri Marck

Excellent…superior. allows me walk, get in and out of bed, climb stairs, get in and out of the car. Everyone is personal, kind helpful and ask pertinent questions They care about my well being. The front desk is amazing. Remembers names very helpful with appointments, always greets you and says goodbye.

-Jimmy F.

I have been going to Premier Pain & Spine for many years. They have always been able to help me with managing my pain.

I had to return to

I had to return to Premier Pain and Spine after 8yrs with a new problem. Dr Amish Patel was my doctor then.
Now I saw Dr Rafati he told me what he could do for me after I had a MRI of my spine, I Needed a injection T 3-4 have a 2mm bulge
I was in savior pain for 23 days, Got the injection on Sept 23 it is working so far. Highly recommend going to Premier Pain. Everyone was
very friendly and thoughtful.

Clara O'Dea

Avrom Fox

I am a 62 year old man who has been afflicted with lower back disease for many years. I have had surgery, many injections, physical therapy, etc. I have been a patient of neurosurgeons and a pain specialist in the Northshore. I was in such pain that I had practically given up, until I was referred to Dr. Patel. I phoned him and was seen immediately. He reviewed my MRI and assessed my overall situation, recommending a radio frequency nerve ablation.It has now been completed and I am hopeful that my pain level will be significantly reduced. What I gained was the confidence of dealing with a loving, caring, kind an sensitive physician. The office staff is outstanding, accessible, professional and displays a unique human dimension. They are patient, kind, and caring. I am now in great hands, and would recommend this firm to anyone. The physicians have the latest training, and the firm knows the most current state of the art cutting edge solutions to resolving pain.

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