Scott Tloczek

I am a Patient of Dr. Said, I have been seeing him ongoing for right knee pain that is a ongoing problem of many that I have including severe Parkinson’s Disease That complicates matters even more, needlessly saying I see a multitude of doctors who never received a complement from me . Dr. Said takes the word pain out of your experience by offering you himself a humble,caring, overwhelmingly compassion and extremely knowledgeable any procedure he provides to you by explaining step by step in common “ understanding terminology “ which makes you feel at ease prior to your Procedure and during your procedure he keeps you well informed. His attention to detail is simply impeccable and exceptional . Dr. Said is worth an opportunity to serve you, I personally recommended a good friend of mine to see him and she said “ He is fantastic I never knew you would receive and injection into my knee by a Guided catheter inserted Into my knee and then given a shot in my knee and feel great “ Dr. Said is now my pain management specialist anybody I can give you an injection into your body parts blindly. But a skilled truly professionl Dedicated and compassion and Doctor will always make a healing and meaningful relationship with his patients . Thank you Dr. Said and your wonderful team at the Berwyn pain center

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