Scott Phillips

Dr. Said and his staff are extremely professional, kind, and caring. They listen to the patient to help find a solution to your suffering. Highly Highly recommended. My story: I had gone to several back specialist Northwestern and Rush. Both confirmed I have a disc problem and both prescribed physical therapy/PT after taking an MRI. PT did almost nothing for my back the pain was so bad some days I could hardly get out of bed. Went back to Northwestern and they said I was not a candidate for back surgery and If I wanted it they could not guarantee it would work. I ended up see Dr. Omar Said through the recommendation of my mother. Dr. Said mentioned that he could administer a shot in my back to elevate the pain and possibly strengthen the problem with the disc. Over the course of 2 years I initially was getting 1 shot every 4 months after 3 shots it was once every 6 months then I thought I may not need another shot till I was hit by a 17 year old kid and rolled my car for the second time. The first accidental rollover was caused by black ice. I am now receiving shots once every 4-5 month but they are helping again. No other doctor ever mentioned shot before Dr. Said. I am forever thankful. I am able to stay active maybe not as much as I would like but I am not bed ridden. I able to work, fish, kayak, and do other multiple actives I know my limits I don’t always respect my limits but at least I am able to enjoy life again.

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