Joint Injections

Frequently Asked Questions on Joint Injections – Hip, Knee, Shoulder

Over time the fluid in your joints can begin to thin out and become watery. This causes the natural cushion to become less effective. It can be painful when the two bones rub against each other without that nice cushion. Joint injections work to replace this fluid so that your joints can work like normal. The injections may also reduce inflammation and swelling in the joint space which will help reduce pain and irritation around or at the joint.

The injection site will be cleaned with an iodine solution to ensure that any germs on the surface of your skin are eliminated. A local anesthetic will be applied next to the skin. The doctor will then insert a needle in the joint and draw out any excess fluid around the joint.

Some doctors will use ultrasound equipment to ensure that they can see where they are guiding the needle. The doctor will inject the needed fluid into the joint. It is a quick procedure and you should be able to leave directly after the treatment and return home.

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