What causes neck pain?

There are many causes of neck pain, both acute and chronic.

If your pain suddenly occurs and lasts less than three months it is considered acute. Acute neck pain is commonly caused by facet syndrome, acute muscle strain, or a traumatic injury like whiplash.

If your pain persists more than three months, it is termed chronic neck pain. This pain can be from multiple sources, but most often occurs from facet joint irritation, discs, ligaments, and muscular sources. These causes of neck pain are as varied as the people who experience it. The physiological function and anatomy of the neck is the key in evaluating a person with neck pain.

The cervical spine has many important functions, which includes providing support and mobility to the head and neck as well as protecting the spinal cord emerging from the brain. The cervical spine provides generous amounts of movement of the head. It is considered the most flexible portion of the spine. Because the cervical spine is the most flexible portion of the spinal cord, it is also the most vulnerable to injury.

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