Foot Pain

Research studies have shown up to 75% of Americans have experienced some type of foot pain in the past year. The structure that comprises the foot is made of 24 bones.The bones of the foot are connected by ligament tissue.

The muscles of the feet are the secondary support of the lower extremity mobility and function. Pain is an alarming indicator something is wrong, either structurally, internally, or biomechanically.

Injury or trauma to the area may be the cause of acute pain; chronic pain may be from a condition.

  • Toes: inflammatory arthritis is the main cause of pain in the toe (tarsal) area. Uric acid may cause crystallization in the knuckles from gout, an extremely severe pain accelerated by walking.
  • Heel: part of the foot that gets the most attention is the heel. The plantar fasciitis tissue connects the toes and forms the foot’s arch. When inflammation or irritation flares up, patient may experience pain simply by standing up or attempting to walk. Pain in the heel can be debilitating. Heel spurs also occur in the heel or ill-fitting shoes or unbalanced gait.
  • Arch: flat-footed or fallen arches are the main cause of pain in the arch as they have no protection from impact when walking. Each step has an impact on the arch.
  • Ball of the foot: Metatarsalgia is an inflammation of the ball of the foot, usually as a result of frequent to activity or strenuous use. The tissue can thicken into “Morton’s Neuroma” and cause nerve pain.

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