Degenerative Disc Disease

The first thing a patient must understand about degenerative disc disease (DDD) is that is not the traditional form of a disease, but instead is a collaborative term given to the collection of changes occurring in the spinal discs as patients naturally age.

The spinal discs are normally soft, spongy sacs of mostly fluid located between each level of vertebrae. The discs act as cushions, allowing the vertebrae to fold and bend during spinal movement without damaging the delicate cartilage of the spinal joints.

As patients age, these discs can become damaged due to general wear and tear from movement which may lead to injury. DDD can be found on any level of the spine, but occurs most frequently at the cervical level (the neck) and the lower lumbar levels (the lower back).

The bottom line with degenerative disc disease is that over three fourths of patients are able to achieve a satisfactory level of reduced baseline pain with effective Chicago pain management and avoid surgery.

Spinal fusions for DDD do not have "slam dunk" results, so it is often best to exhaust these conservative treatment options first. Premier Pain & Spine offers Double Board Certified pain management doctors in Chicago at 7 locations.

Most insurance is accepted, and treatment options include both medical and interventional pain management. For the top pain management Chicago trusts, call (847) 519 4701 today!


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