Abdominal Pain

Most patients have had pain in their abdomen at one point in their life. Usually the cause is treatable and not serious, but abdominal pain may be the sign of something more serious and ensuing complications.

It is crucial to get an adequate diagnosis and subsequent treatment to sidestep complications if the abdominal pain is chronic and doesn't go away.

A variety of causes may result in pain of the abdomen including:

  • Stones: Gall or kidney
  • a stomach virus
  • hernias
  • an ulcer
  • menses
  • constipation
  • UTIs
  • endometrial growths
  • scar tissue after surgery
  • pancreatitits
  • Pancreatic or stomach cancer

Most patients with chronic abdominal pain can achieve pain relief with nonoperative therapies at Premier Pain & Spine. Call (847) 519 4701 today!


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