Post Stroke Pain


Pain is among the effects of damage to some part of the brain tissue as a result of a stroke. After a stroke, the patient may experience paralysis, numbness, tingling, and confusion, among others. Intense pain is perhaps the worst possible effect of a stroke. Post-stroke pain is also referred to as neurogenic pain. Usually, it occurs on the right side.


The exact root cause of the pain can be difficult to determine. Medical experts believe the pain is a response to a non-painful sensation, which is caused because of destruction of brain tissue.


There are numerous treatments available for post-stroke pain. The condition is treatable, but the effectiveness varies from case to case. Generally, 20% of patients undergo a few years of therapy and treatment before showing signs of improvement. 30% of patients notice a reduction in the pain in the first year.


It can take time for the symptoms of post-stroke pain to fully show. Some patients experience the symptoms within a few days after their stroke, while some can go on for years without seeing any symptoms. The symptoms include pain in the face and limbs on the side where the stroke occurred. The pain can cause a burning sensation. Post-stroke pain is said to only intensify over time. Stimuli from the surroundings can cause the pain to aggravate as well, such as a change in temperature.


Doctors prescribe a number of medications to help patients deal with post-stroke pain. These include antidepressants, muscle relaxants, painkiller, and anti-inflammatory drugs. Cortisone injections may also be administered to the affected area. Electrical nerve stimulation may be recommended in severe cases. Patients may also be asked to receive physical therapy and perform certain exercises.

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