Bulging Disc


A bulging disc is a condition of the spine. The spinal disc pushes against the outer rim, which creates a bulge. If not treated in time, the bulge can lead to a tear, which is referred to as a herniated disc.


There are no obvious symptoms of a bulging disc until it starts making the spinal canal narrower. In that case, you might experience pain and the muscles in the area will start weakening. Also, it may lead to a tingling sensation when you change your position while sitting or lying down.

In some cases, the symptoms may occur in the lower back or around the legs, if the disc which is affected is located in the lumbar or lower spine. The symptoms, i.e. pain and tingling, may go down all the way to your feet. On the other hand, if one of the upper discs is affected, the symptoms may emanate in the arms and shoulders.


The most common cause of a bulging disc is usual wear and tear and degeneration with age. It is natural for the outer ring of the disc to weaken and at the same time, the inner core starts bulging outwards. There is no way to prevent age-related degeneration, but making a few lifestyle changes can help you keep the effects to a minimum. These include losing extra weight and working out on a regular basis.


As mentioned above, lifestyle changes are the most recommended way to treat the bulging disc. Doctors may also prescribe conventional therapies for treating the condition, which includes anti-inflammatory medication and pain medication. Also, you might be asked to perform specific stretching exercises.

The Chicago pain management doctors at Premier Pain may offer either intradiscal injections or epidural steroid injections if indicated. Review of imaging studies may be necessary. The newest treatment offerings include PRP therapy for disc bulging along with stem cell therapy. Call us for more information today!

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