Why Should You Choose Chicago Pain Management Clinic

Pain management is a very important aspect. More than 6 billion Americans suffer from acute pain or chronic pain once in their lifetimes. These pain management clinics provide various services and treatment that cure the pain. One pain management specialist says any general physician can provide you with treatment for a certain period of time. If the pain persists they refer you to pain specialists.

They customize a daily routine for you which helps you to cope up with the pain and get cured as well. Chicago pain management states an injured area which has not been healed and is being delayed from healing will make you weaker and make your immune system weak, which means your body is more susceptible to catching any other sickness. Doctors states we might avoid the pain and continue with our life thinking that pain is a regular thing and can be dealt with generally, it is adding more to your woes. Rather than doing that we can go to these top pain management clinics and get ourselves checked by the pain management doctors and specialists.

At a pain management clinic your therapy will be planned according to your injury or health condition. It is not necessary that the doctors or specialists will use surgical means to cure your condition . There are non-surgical methods that can provide your relief. Such as:

  • Physiotherapy is a kind of treatment where physiotherapists use their hands to manipulate the muscle or the swollen are with their massage. This is technique which is widely popular and non-surgical. People have seen its positive effects.
  • Acupuncture: It is a treatment which has been derived from ancient Chinese medical history where needles are used and they are inserted at certain key points on the body to bring relief to the body.
  • Medication: Usage of NSAIDS drugs and Paracetamol can bring certain amount of relief states . If the pain persists it’s better to consult a doctor for medication.
  • Nerve block injections: These injections are given before surgery. They are also known as local anesthetic where the injection when inserted into the body blocks the nerve and the pain.
  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS): The experts at Chicago pain center tell us in this process a small battery functioned device to simulate nerve fibers over the skin.

Surgery is a last resort for doctors when they have not been able to provide relief to the patient through medicine or any other treatment. For sure surgery gives an accurate result and gives you relief, it will take time for you to recover. Trigger point injection or TPI’s are also used as suggested by pain specialist . In this process the injection is inserted in the joints and the injection contain saline and local anesthetics which stimulate the trigger point and ease the pain and provide you with temporary relief .

There are many kinds of treatments available at different pain management centers today . It will be our duty to do our homework before choosing a particular clinic for us.  Try to find out what kind of treatments and services do they provide and the expenses. It is always better to fix an appointment with the team at the pain management center to see how comfortable you are with them.

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