What is Pain Management?

If you suffer from chronic pain, you probably long for the days before your life was riddled with constant reminders of your ailment – when the pain you felt was from a typical headache, or maybe a stubbed toe. Fortunately, at our Chicago pain clinic, we’re here to help reduce your pain, and make it so you look forward to waking up in the morning.

Throwing Out the Misconceptions

If you’ve never visited our Chicago pain clinic, you may be surprised to learn about the comprehensive nature of pain management. Often, people assume and hope that a magic pill will fix their woes. However, there are many other practices that when combined, sometimes with medication, can provide true relief.

Finding Your Unique Protocol

Each of us has over 600 muscles, 206 bones, and more than 100 billion nerve cells. That leaves a lot of unique ways to experience pain. At our Chicago pain management clinic, our practitioners can help you identify the source of your pain, and create a comprehensive plan that may include medical procedures, like a nerve block or stimulation or steroid injection or stem cell therapies. Your recommended plan will depend on the source of your pain, and your doctor will provide you with choices, along with the pros and cons of each treatment, to help you along the way.

Complementary Treatments

In addition to the treatments you receive at our Chicago pain clinic, we may recommend concurrent therapies. If you are receiving treatment for an injury, visits with a physical therapist or occupational therapist may be required for you to strengthen the surrounding areas and help you regain function. We may even recommend that you start getting massages, or attending yoga class, to loosen muscles and build your strength.

Helping Yourself

When you’re experiencing pain, it’s often hard to take proper care of yourself. That’s why pain management is so important. It allows you to get back to, or start, doing the things that make you happy and healthy. While walking your dog may seem like an impossibility due to your back or joint pain, with proper treatment, you may be taking your dog for an extra spin around the block. The more you move, the stronger you can get; and that means that you’re setting yourself up to heal if you’re injured, or for a more functional life for more long-term diseases. Proper pain management can help you move easier, get a higher-quality night’s rest, and shop for and cook nutritious foods – all of which help you heal faster, and potentially reduce your need for future procedures to control the pain.

In short, pain management involves creating a comprehensive plan with your doctor at our Chicago pain management clinic. It also includes self-care, which can be discussed during your appointment.

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