Use of Stem Cells in Multiple Sclerosis Research

Regenerative medicine, especially stem cell therapy, is showing promising results in healing conditions involving cell and tissue damage. There is exciting progress related to the potential of many types of stem cells for slowing Multiple Sclerosis disease activity and for repairing damage to the nervous system.

Stem cells are the types of cells that can differentiate into many specialized cells in our bodies. They are found in both embryos and adults. Stem cell therapy is the treatment that uses stem cells to harness body’s natural healing potential to repair damage in nerve, bone, cartilage, ligament and muscle.

Here are the different types of stem cells being used to help the body to heal.

HSCs (Hematopoietic stem cells)

These are stem cells found in adult bone marrow and blood. HSCs are capable of producing all of the cells that make up the blood and the immune system.

MSCs (Mesenchymal stem cells)

These are adult stem cells found in several places in the body, including the bone marrow, skin and fat tissue. They produce cells which help other stem cells function properly.

NSCs (neural stem cells)

NSCs are specialized stem cells responsible for repairing nerve-insulating myelin in the brain. These can be derived from other types of stem cells such as mesenchymal cells. It is the nerve insulating myelin that gets damaged in multiple sclerosis patients.

HESCs (human embryonic stem cells)

As the name suggests, these are stem cells derived from donated embryos. They can naturally produce every type of cell in the body.

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