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As we jumpstart the new year, we wanted to look at the latest advancements and news in platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapies. We see the remarkable improvements our patients garner from PRP injections in our office, and the exciting new uses only highlight how efficient our own bodies are in producing healing properties… with the help of a centrifuge.

More and More Athletes are Turning to PRP Injections

 Athletes were among the first to get ahold of platelet-rich plasma therapy to help reduce their downtime when injured on the job, and it’s a trend that’s here to stay. More and more players are choosing to utilize the treatment, allowing their bodies to heal faster, and them to return to work with their teammates.

For example, the Los Angeles Angels weren’t worried about signing Shohei Ohtani this year, despite a sprain in the pitcher’s ulnar collateral ligament. Ohtani received PRP injections in his pitching elbow, and they expect him to be a star in the 2018 season.

Additionally, John Wall, point guard for the Washington Wizards, spent three weeks undergoing PRP therapy for inflammation in his knee in late 2017. The treatment allowed him to get back into the game by the end of December, and he’s now busy blocking shots for the rest of the season.

These examples are just a couple of the many professionals who turn to PRP injections to hasten down time.

PRP Injections Found to be Effective at Reducing Discogenic Low Back Pain

Studies continuously find the benefits of platelet-rich plasma therapies to show promise in the treatment of pain. Recently, researchers at the Regenerative SportsCare Institute performed a literature review, and through careful analysis of studies found significant results in patients with degenerative back disorders. You can read more about the literature review, and corresponding study, on Healio Orthopedics.

PRP Therapies Effective in Alopecia Treatment

It may not be physically painful, but many people suffer emotionally due to their hair loss. A recent study found that monthly platelet-rich plasma injections are effective in stimulating regrowth in those suffering from androgenetic alopecia. This is a big advancement for treatment guidelines, which are still being tweaked in this innovative treatment. You can check out the research on Healio Dermatology for more information.

Infertility Proves to be No Match for PRP Therapy

Here’s another case of an emotionally painful ailment in which platelet-rich plasma therapy is proving miraculous results. Currently, researchers are working with women suffering from infertility – those who have tried everything, including IVF, and were still unable to conceive. Amazingly, subjects are proving that PRP is a wonder treatment, and some newborns in 2018 will be the first in the US to benefit from the therapies.

We know that platelet-rich plasma injections are effective in treating many painful injuries and chronic ailments. We’ve seen so many patients regain their lives after receiving the treatment in 2017, and we know the medical advancements in this arena have only just begun. As we enter 2018, we’re so excited to find out more uses for PRP, which has already been proven a miracle worker.

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