Top 5 Tips to Prevent Lower Back Injury and Pain

The lower back of the human anatomy is very prone to injuries with a sudden fervor. Suddenly lifting a heavy object, twisting and a sudden movement, anything can cause the muscle and the ligaments to stretch or develop microscopic tears. Over the time, which rolls by poor posture and the repetitive stress can also be a cause for the muscular strain. However, the muscle strain sounds simple, but the pain in the lower back can be severe.

We come up with the five best tips to prevent your lower back from any type of sudden injuries. Let us hear from them –

1. You need to exercise a lot

Strong core muscles are important to provide support to the lower back region and avoid any type of injury. Low impact cardio exercises such as walking helps to increase blood flow to the spine and supplies haling nutrients and hydration to the lower back.

2. Have a correct posture

This is essential since poor posture puts pressure on the lower back and can cause degenerated discs to become more painful. You need to support the natural curve in the lower back using an ergonomic chair and set a timer on your phone to remind that you need to sit in the correct posture. Make sure to get up and half an hour of walk if you have to sit the whole day in your office chair.

3. Lift heavy objects, but correctly

Even the young and strong people can hurt their lower backs if they lift a heavy object incorrectly. No matter how fit or athlete you may be, a single wrong posture may ruin everything says the doctor at PPS Chicago. Make sure that you understand the potential lower back pitfalls while taking up any activity.

4. Keep a tap on your physical health

The spine reflects the overall health of your body. So anything you could do to improve the physical fitness of your body will contribute to the benefit if your lumbar spine. Such as drinking of lot of water, minimizing excessive alcohol and stropping smoking all helps to prevent lower back issues.

5. The travelers must pay the most attention

If you are frequent traveler by plane or by car, it can really take a toll on your back. Therefore, better be careful, pay attention to the measures, and learn how to become a defensive driver. Brush up your defensive driver skills or practice some free hand exercise while you seat in a plane to get out of a bad situation on the road.

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