The Top Most 5 Common Reasons for Back Pain

At a certain point in life, approximately 80% of Americans experience back pain. Back pain can turn into a painful nightmare and at times it’s uncontrollable. Most of the back pains are self-limited and resolved without specific treatments.

However, back pain can sometimes lead to serious side effects that may require specific BackPainattention. Sometimes, it may turn to be chronic, resulting in a lasting impact on your ability to exercise and function. The major causes of back pain may vary largely from patient to patient; though, the different types are painful.

Well, while some lifestyle conditions may play some role in generating back pain, some therapeutic conditions are also liable for the back pain. If you have had back pain at some point in life, you must be having an idea of how painful it is.

It is very important to be aware of how the pain is generated. To help you with that, here are the major causes of back pain that are the most common among patients with backache.

Which are the Top 5 Most Common Reasons for Back Pain?


Technically, obesity is not the main cause of back pain; it is a risk factor associated with back pain. Still, it is in this list as a cause because of its many cases of back pain. Studies reveal that if you fall in the class of the obese, you are at more risk of experiencing back pain as compared to when you maintain an optimal body weight. This is because the increasing amount of body fat will create more pressure on the spine. The best solution to this problem is to lose weight so that it is possible for you to respond to treatment in the correct way.

Herniation/Disk DegenerationBackPain

Herniated disks are referred to as spine disorders that are caused by rupturing of the spine. The bones found in the spine are separated by the disks which act as a cushion for the vertebrae. Generation of the disks can result to back pain. Unlike the sprain which occurs in the spine, it is most likely that you will feel this kind of pain immediately.

Aging is considered the primary cause of disk generation with the smoke being the major risk of disk injury. To minimize the chances of disk herniation, you can engage your body in some exercises, desist from smoking and ensure you take a healthy diet. For severe disk herniation, you can opt for a therapy or surgery.

Sprains or Strains

The most amazing fact about injury or sprain of the spinal cord is that you feel the impact immediately. This condition may last for a longer time, and the side effects start to show suddenly with any specific cause.

Injuries such as musculoskeletal back injuries may arise from even the most routine daily activities. Example, picking a box from the floor, lifting the weights in the inappropriate form or sneezing can lead to as sprain or strain. If you are uninformed of an old injury, you may be surprised to experience pain accompanied by severe spasms.bigstock-Man-With-Back-Pain-7145780

The recovery time may vary from one individual to individual. The minor injuries and strains can be resolved in few days while the most severe ones may take some time to improve.


Osteoarthritis is a problem that mostly affects the middle age, mainly noticed among the female patients. It is a word used to describe arthritis of the bones. When arthritis affects the facet joints, which connects the vertebrae, it causes the rubbing of the bones, and the outcomes is severe pain. When the joints rub, there is development of abnormal bone which form and press on the nerves as they exit the spine. Well, prevention is important, therefore staying lean and flexible will help.

Poor Posture and Muscle Imbalance

People have different sitting posture, but few people know the right posture. Sitting can lead to back pain. Most people have a tendency of sitting for extended periods of time, particularly with their head hunched, and shoulders rolled forward. What happens is that, the muscles around the hips becomes tight and can lead to pain.

This pain can become severe if your abs or muscles around your spine are weak since they offer support to the spine. The remedy is to maintain a good posture and a neutral spine position and avoid prolonged sitting.

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