Simple yet Healthy Habit to Get Relieve from Back Pain

Do you want to get rid of your back pain and neck pain this year? Well, you do not need to worry as the steps to reduce the pain are drastically simple. You simply need to introduce a few changes in your lifestyle to cope up with those tingling sensation in your muscles.

For instance, maintain the right sitting posture to eat the right kind of food. Here comes the simple solution that a patient might like to follow in year 2016 –

Sleep and back pain

We know how important is the goodnight sleep, but for the back pain or neck pain most people cannot sleep comfortably. However, your body and muscles need to rest for 5 to 6 hours daily. Therefore, you can make your hours of sleeping comfortable even if it is less than 6 hours by –

  • Not sleeping on your stomach
  • Keep on your side while sleeping
  • Reduce the risk of back pain by putting a pillow between your knees
  • With the use of firm mattress and supportive pillow, you can curb the pain

While you sit

If back pain comes due to sitting for long period, then it is no doubt a common problem. However, when you sit it actually put more pressure on your back and thus you do not able to walk or stand comfortably after getting up. So, while sitting you can follow some good rules such as –

  • You must sit up straight with your ears, hips and shoulder in the same line
  • If you want to sit for a long time, make sure you have cushions to support your back or neck as most of the times the chairs does not have a proper backrest
  • Sit on good chair with firm and flat seat that comes with a lot of back support as well

No back pain while you walk

Yes, that is possible; if you are walking, you are no longer going to experience the pain if you follow these quick tips –

  • Keep doing exercises by keeping your heads high and tucking your chin and pointing your toes straight ahead
  • Wear comfortable shoes as they are a must
  • To reduce back pain after your return from the work out session, it is better to stretch a little and make sure you are hydrated

Drive comfortably

People with back pain can now drive the cars comfortably with these simple tips –

  • To reduce the back pain or neck pain while you drive, apply the ideas for sitting without back pain.
  • Keep the shoulders back and put both of your hands on the wheel to reduce the chances of back pain
  • You can consider a posture brace or wrist brace to reduce pain by supporting a limiting movement. In fact, this is also helpful for people suffering for herniated discs.
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