Research Shows How Fatigue is Causing Chronic Pain

Know How Fatigue is Causing Chronic Pain in Chicago

It was in the year 1980 that people came to hear about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that give rise to chronic pains in turn. It is a type of illness that is last for more than six months. And the statistics show that around four million people in United States are suffering from the chronic fatigue symptom.

This might cause them to struggle throughout the day with only about half the previous energy levels, which the body possesses. Pain Management Clinics in Chicago have been researching a lot on similar kind of pain and their treatments as well.

In order to diagnose the chronic fatigue syndrome that is lasting for more than six month doctors ruled out a possible number of medical causes such as sleep disorder, depression or anxiety. For them it is advisable to contact pain specialist immediately and work on the warfront to treat their pain effectively.

What other symptoms are related with fatigues?

Along with the fatigue do you suffer from chronic pain or tingling sensation in different parts of the body? You may also suffer from sore throat, difficulty in concentration, muscular pain, sore lymph nodes, pain in more than one joint, unusual headache, and lot more. Chronic fatigue sometimes results in severe tiredness and associates with irritable bowel syndrome and fibromyalgia at times.

How does a patient’s feel?

Well, the patients want to mainly get rid of the associated pain that arises out of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. They get disconnected from the normal routine life since  down with irresistible pain. If you feel exhausted for more than a month in carrying out the normal activities, then it better to visit a pain specialist. Though there is no formal treatment to cure the pain due to fatigue but you can take up normal physiotherapy and exercises to reduce the effect of pain.

What causes chronic pain from fatigue?

At our Chicago Pain Management Clinic, our pain specialist has researched a lot to find out what worth could be the reason for such a notion. There are many researchers who have been studying various elements and details related to this problem. But none of them has said that there is a single reason for this syndrome as fatigue results into chronic pain throughout the body for a number of reasons.


There are a number of viruses such as Epstein-Barr virus, some types of herpes viruses, retrovirus XMRV, all might lead to chronic fatigue which in turn leads to chronic pain in various parts of your body.


It is yet another reason for which many people may be susceptible to the inherited risk to suffer from stretch long fatigue and get everything going.


This is one of the complex interactions between neurotransmitters and hormones, where the exchange of information can lead to fatigue and finally give rise to chronic pains.


The physical stress might give rise to a number of traumatic events depending on the emotional level and is a contributing factor to the rise of pain related due to fatigue.

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