Premier Pain & Spine Featured in Chicago Tribune for Life Changing Treatment

Recently the Chicago Tribune featured an article about spinal cord stimulator implants with a focus on a patient named Cassie Winters. Faced with chronic debilitating pain from two childhood spinal fusion surgeries, the 28 year old had literally “tried everything” to no avail.

That is,  until she had the good fortune of meeting Dr. Chekka at Premier Pain & Spine. He introduced the option for a spinal cord stimulator and it has brought her pain down by an amazing 40%!

She said, “The last doctor I had was giving me drugs and sending me out the door,” she said. “Dr. Chekka really took the time to listen to me. He wanted to try everything possible before giving me the stimulator. And he didn’t promise it would heal me. He said, ‘Either it will help or it won’t. If it doesn’t, we’ll find something that does.'”

You can read the amazing story in the Chicago Tribune HERE.

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