Platelet Rich Plasma Injections: Extending Athlete’s Careers & Extinguishing Pain

Professional athletes invariably have access to the newest, most advanced technologies in healthcare… and for a good reason. These pros count on their bodies to perform, and they are almost always in the position to get hurt. This is a conundrum faced in all sports leagues, which is why many athletes suffering from a variety of injuries or ailments turn to platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP) for progressive healing for everything from normal wear-and-tear to more advanced injuries.

Platelet rich plasma therapy is relatively non-invasive when compared with more traditional options, like surgical intervention, which reduces downtime – allowing athletes and us regular folks to get back into the game in a much shorter time period.

Steph Curry, arguably one of the best NBA players at the moment, sprained his knee during the first round of playoffs in 2016. Most would recommend rest and TLC for a sprain, but Curry didn’t have the recommended two to four weeks to wait for it to heal. Instead, he sought out platelet rich plasma therapy to hasten the healing – and it got him back in the game and playing well much sooner than expected.

Curry isn’t the first, and he won’t be the last, athlete to suffer an injury during playoff season, or any other time of the year. In fact, some players may extend their careers with the advanced healing of platelet rich plasma therapy.

Alex Rodriguez, one of the most iconic baseball players of the current era, has since retired – but he spent 22 years at third base and shortstop as a professional. Throughout his career, he suffered from multiple ailments, and later in his career; he underwent hip surgery due to lack of mobility in his hip – a huge issue for a professional baseball player known for his batting abilities. The surgery was risky – in sporting lingo – a Hail Mary. However, Rodriguez supplemented the treatment with multiple rounds of PRP. He made the comeback of a lifetime, and extended his career with a few more years of batting for the fences.

Athletes have been utilizing platelet rich plasma therapy for many years. They were among the first to try the treatment, and many went out of the country to utilize it – since it was so new and unavailable to them in other arenas. Nevertheless, now PRP is available across the country – allowing athletes, and regular people, to seek relief from painful ailments that would otherwise require long periods of downtime.

Curry and Rodriguez are in good company. Here are some other names you’ve seen on the back of jerseys who have benefited from platelet rich plasma therapy:

Kobe Bryant

Maria Sharapova

Tiger Woods

Cat Zingano

Tyson Gay

David Ortiz

Derrick Rose

Brian Urlacher

Troy Polamalu

Dwayne Wade

Pau Gasol

Cristiano Ronaldo

Platelet rich plasma therapy is a technique that can help you get back to your best after suffering an injury, undergoing surgery, or to resolve chronic pain in specific instances. Get started healing today, and give us a call at (847)519-4701 to schedule your consultation to see if you’re a candidate for the procedure.

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