Joint Pain Treatment With Pain Management Doctors

You may need to go to pain management doctors Chicago if you are suffering.Joint injections may be a necessary treatment option when you are experiencing problems with your joints. To better understand the cause of your pain you need to understand the anatomy of your joints.


Back Pain Doctor ChicagoYour joints are the points between two bones which are responsible for determining the range of motion allowed for those bones.

Structurally the joints are divided by the type of binding. There are other classifications for joints, based on the degree of motion that they allow.

There are different types of joints.Chicago pain center knows all of them. Ball and socket joints are one type. Ball and socket joints allow forward, backward, and sideways rotations. Hinge joints are another type. These joints only allow you to bend forward and conduct straightening movements. Pivot joints are another. These allow limited rotating moves. The neck is an example of this. Ellipsoidal joints are the last kind. They allow for all movement except pivotal. An example is the wrist joint.

Facet Joints:

You have facet joints in your spinal column which help your spine to bend and twist in every direction. They allow movement but they also restrict your movement so that you do not hyperextend something or get whiplash. Each of your vertebrae has two facet joints. One of them faces upward and it functions like a hinge and the other faces downward.

Neck pain Doctor Chicago

Each of the joints in your body is covered with a connective tissue that lubricates the joint and gives it nourishing fluid. The surfaces of these joints are covered with cartilage which helps it to move smoothly. Two of the most important joints in your back are the hip joint and the sacrio-iliac joint. These two joints are often the cause of the most pain in your lower back. Within the pelvis you have two sacrio-iliac joints which support your spine. There is one on each side. They are shaped like kidney beans. They absorb shock from your spine and converting torque when you rotate your lower back. If one or both of these joints are inflamed it can cause lower back pain and sacrio-iliac joint dysfunction. The hip joint connects the bones in your lower limb to your trunk and to your pelvis. The hip is responsible for supporting your body in static and dynamic postures. It is responsible for maintaining your balance and without it you lose one of the most important elements to your posture.

There are some treatment measures you can use at home in conjunction with your medical requirements. For back pain Chicago trust the leader.

Avoid Sustained Postures

When you sit or stand improperly it leads to bad habits. If you are sitting in a bad sustained posture for hours at a time, your body will start to form the bad habit which will make it more difficult for you to break later on. This can lead to bad posture, negative health effects, and a multitude of other long term damage to your body.

Apply Heat

Heat can come in the form of a hot shower, a heating pack, or hot oils from a therapeutic massage. Heat helps you by reducing the resting muscle tension. This increases your tissue elasticity and will relax painful knots in your back muscles. It quickly soothes your nerve endings which alleviates pain. It also increases the blood flow to the area that is in pain, which brings nutrients and removes injured debris and toxins. This increases your healing rate. Deep heat will also stimulate your metabolic rate, which gives your body more energy to fix your injury.

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