How Can Acupuncture Help To Reduce Pain?

Acupuncture is a 3000 year old healing technique that originated in China. Presently, acupuncture is a popularly used pain relief therapy in many countries of the world. Acupuncture involves the use of needles inserted at acupuncture points on the body to encourage the self healing capacity of the body. Acupuncture is used to treat a wide variety of medical conditions like chronic pain in various parts of the body, arthritis, stroke, cancer side effects, depression and infertility. However, the most common use of acupuncture is in pain management therapies.

How does acupuncture help reduce pain?

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Acupuncture improves your body’s self healing capacity by stimulating specific anatomical points in the body referred to as acupuncture points. Fine, sterile needles are inserted into the body at the acupuncture points which may be further supported by pressure, electrical or heat stimulation. Besides needles, manual massage, application of herbal medicines and cupping at the acupuncture points in your body may also contribute towards pain management.

The principle of acupuncture lies in traditional Chinese beliefs. According to Chinese philosophy, when the two opposing forces of the universe and the body are in perfect balance, the body remains healthy. These forces are maintained in perfect equilibrium by the flow of energy along designated pathways called meridians in the body.

If the free flow of this energy is hindered, it will lead to pain, illness and suffering. Acupuncture therapy releases blocked energy from various points of the body allowing the body to heal itself and regain functionality.

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Modern scientific research has also found that acupuncture delivers a beneficial effect on the various organ systems of the body. However, the theory propagated by modern science varies from the traditional Chinese concept of acupuncture. According to modern science, acupuncture stimulates the nervous system of the body triggering the release of neurotransmitters and hormones leading to stimulation of the brain, spinal cords and nerves which triggers the body to heal itself.

What to expect during an acupuncture therapy?

Seek the help of a reputable pain management clinic like pain management clinics in Chicago for alle-viating yourself from a painful condition using acupuncture.

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Experts at such clinic examine your medical history, physically examine you and ask you to perform routine diagnostic tests before they decide to assign a particular therapy for you.

Usually, an acupuncture therapy involves minimal discomfort. You will be asked to lie down comfortably on a treatment table where you will be administered the acupuncture therapy. The duration of therapy varies with the type of your health problem. Most patients report feeling relaxed after a session of acupuncture therapy.

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