How Adipose-Derived Stem Cell Therapies Can Keep Those Prescriptions Out of Your Medicine Cabinet

As pain specialists, we take your overall health and wellness very seriously. We’ve watched in dismay as clinicians treat chronic painful conditions with medications that can cause addiction with long-term use, therefore, they were never meant to treat these types of woes. It’s our mission to help our patients become pain-free with minimal use of these pain medications to avoid the detrimental addictions that affect millions throughout the nation.

While addiction is absolutely one of the worst outcomes for patients who display symptoms of pain, living with the agony caused by conditions such as arthritis, or injuries sustained through daily life, is also unacceptable. That’s why scientists and doctors have been studying and implementing the use of adipose-derived stem cells to help patients heal from these excruciating conditions in ways that were previously considered impossible.

In fact, adipose-derived stem cell therapy is somewhat of a modern miracle. In short, doctors can now utilize a patient’s own body to help them regenerate lost or injured tissues. Check out some of the conditions this extraordinary method is helping to relieve.

Arthritis: Arthritis is a common affliction, with over 3 million people suffering from the symptoms each year. There is no cure for the degenerative disorder that causes stiffness, and makes it hard for the patient to retain full function of the affected joints. We’ve discovered that adipose-derived stem cells can help to regenerate the lost tissues, or at a minimum, help to reduce the rate of degradation – in turn, relieving the patient’s pain, reducing the amount of medications required to manage the chronic disease.

 Avascular Necrosis: Luckily, avascular necrosis isn’t as widespread as arthritis – however, those who are touched by the disease don’t feel so lucky. The condition is a result of lack of blood passing through specific areas within the body, especially the hip area. This causes the bone in this area to breakdown, leading to the “death” of the bone. The painful condition is chronic, but managed with the help of our specialists. Studies have found that adding adipose-derived stem cell therapy treatment to a patient’s regimen can help the patient regenerate bone tissue, mildly reversing the damage caused by the lack of blood flow – reducing the lifelong implication of this scary disease.

 Chrohn’s Disease: Suffering from digestive issues can be one of the most frustrating disabilities, especially since it can take some time to find the correct diagnosis. Once one is made, relief is often short-lived for the patient diagnosed with Chron’s disease. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. Adipose-derived stem cell therapy has been proven to help heal the affected areas – leading to the reversal of this chronic, life-changing diagnosis.

That is just a peek at the world of stem cell therapy. The future is bright for those who suffer from pain, with new treatments being discovered daily. Adipose-derived stem cell therapy should be a go-to for anyone dealing with a painful chronic condition that is seeking to regain their life and take control.


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