FAQs on Auto Injury Treatment

When you have been in an automobile accident, you need a Chicago auto injury doctor who is specially trained in injuries. Auto injury treatment involves assessing for structural damage using diagnostic testing so the doctor can appropriately treat the patient.

What are common auto injury symptoms that require treatment?

Following a car accident, you may experience:

  • Neck pain and stiffnessAuto-Accident-2-300x199
  • Shoulder stiffness and pain
  • Low back problems
  • Sensations of burning, tingling, and/or numbness of one or more extremities
  • Ringing of the ears
  • Headaches
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Memory loss
  • Irritability, loss of sleep, and mood swings
  • Blurred vision, dizziness, and light-headedness

What conditions can the auto injury pain specialist treat?

Injured drivers, passengers, and pedestrians involved in an auto accident can suffer from a variety of medical problems. Commonly seen conditions include:

  • Cervical strain – Also called whiplash, this injury occurs when the neck is forced forward and then backward in a violent whipping motion. Whiplash results in neck pain, inability to move the neck, and stiffness.
  • Back injury – Common spinal injuries related to auto accidents include bulging discs, herniated discs, pinched sciatic nerves, and fractured vertebra (spine bone).
  • Shoulder trauma – These injuries include torn rotator cuffs, scapula or collarbone fractures, as well as tears to tendons and ligaments.
  • Knee trauma – The knee joint could suffer a sprain, strain, or ligament damage.
  • Head trauma – The head could be thrust against the dashboard or window, causing concussion, lacerations, skull fractures, or soft tissue injuries.

What can I expect at my first visit following the auto accident?

auto-accident42At Premier Pain & Spine, the Chicago pain doctor will first do an initial consultation, which includes a medical history and thorough physical evaluation. Based on this assessment, the pain management physician in Chicago will order certain diagnostic tests and devise a customized treatment plan for your specific injuries.

How are auto accident injuries treated?

Treatment depends on what injuries the patient has sustained. Pain management techniques are used, such as nerve blocks, epidural steroid injections, and facet joint injections. In addition, the doctor may prescribe analgesics. Physical therapy and rehabilitation is an intricate part of auto accident injury treatment. This is used to restore strength, flexibility, and function to the affected body region.

Does the pain specialist used alternative approaches to auto accident injury therapy?

The Chicago pain specialist may recommend alternative approaches if your condition warrants these. Chiropractic adjustments and spinal manipulation helps patients with neck and back pain. Additionally, acupuncture is often used to restore energy and offer added pain relief.

When should I seek auto injury treatment?Auto-Accident32

Optimally, you should be evaluated immediately after the automobile accident. However, it is never too late to see a pain specialist. Many people do not experience symptoms for 24-48 hours following an accident.

Will insurance cover my auto injury treatment?

Required coverage on all auto insurance policies include personal injury protection (PIP). When a person must receive treatment after an auto accident, it will not affect your auto insurance premiums.

Will I need physical therapy after an automobile accident?

Physical therapy is used to strengthen and repair damaged tissues, as well as for preventing excessive scar tissue growth. This is an essential part of auto accident injury treatment.

What could happen if I do not receive proper treatment after an auto injury?

Failure to receive treatment following an automobile accident injury may result in long-term health problems. In a recent study of 100 people who were rear-ended, 14% continued to have significant pain for up to 8 years. You are at much higher risk of developing degenerative disc disease later in life if you don’t get adequate health treatment.

Premier Pain & Spine offers expert personal injury treatment to those involved in auto accidents. Over 25 treatment options are available, including both medication management and all types of interventional procedures. Personal Injury Liens are accepted at all 8 Chicago pain management clinics, call today!

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