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What Are Disc Injections?

Disc injections are used for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. As the name suggests, these injections are inserted in the spinal discs and can be used to identify the source of your back pain or to relieve spinal pain. For instance, degenerative disc disease Degenerative-Disc-Disease-Ilustrationmay respond well to a spinal disc injection. A disc injection is used along with a wide-ranging treatment program to treat the condition and the patient may be required to take stretching and stability exercises.

How Is A Disc Injection Administered?

Such an injection would be carried out using an x-ray machine for guidance. This procedure is known as fluoroscopy and the x-ray machine is used to enhance safety by ensuring that the disc injection is inserted in the right place. A dye contrast is also used before the actual medication is introduced to ensure accuracy.

Does a Disc Injection Work?

Studies have shown that disc injections with steroid into the intervertebral disc may provide pain relief for months at a time. There are some new substances available such as PRP and stem cells becoming mainstream, which have the potential to regenerate disc tissue.

How Can A Disk Injection Help Me?

canstockphoto2265335Like we mentioned, disk injections have two major purposes and these are diagnosis and pain relief. This therefore means that the injection can help your Chicago pain doctor to accurately diagnose your condition by exposing the pain generator. Diagnostic disc injections are an integral part of treatment. The injection could also be recommended for therapeutic purposes and that is in pain relief. Disc injections can help also help you reduce your need for pain medications.

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