Chronic Back Pain after Hysterectomy – How it Affects Life?

Back is the most malfunctioned part of our body. Back is the second most popular reason for people to make a visit to the doctor. As per research, 60 percent of the US people and 80 percent of the UK people experienced chronic to mild back pain.

A back pain turns chronic if it extends to continue for more than 12 weeks. It is mostly a chief cause of the sprains, obesity, trauma, disc degeneration, spinal compression, infections, pregnancy, kidney stones or poor sitting posture, arthritis and more.

However, the prevalence of chronic back pain in women more than men is a result of the hysterectomy. Over the time, researches have proved that hysterectomy gives rise to chronic back pain due to direct, negative impact on pelvic areas, contributing to the collapse of pelvic organ, normally in the lower abdomen region. This can also cause urinary stress and incontinence, bowel dysfunction and low back pain for obvious.

Infection after hysterectomy is also a reason for having a back pain. Around 25 percent of women who have a hysterectomy will develop some sort of pelvic infection and thus trigger a back pain.

What happens to your quality of life due to back pain?        

According to the back pain specialist in Chicago, IL if you are a woman above 60, living in the UK, you might have went through hysterectomy. It is the second most frequent surgery in the world. One in every three women has underwent operation and this has changed they walk. Hip problems become common, as the bones have shifted. Uterosacral ligament is severed and women’s neurotransmitters do not fire in the same way.

Why there is no way out to improve the health of the women who have undergone hysterectomy? One of the reasons to avoid this question is the lengthy process after post-operative period.

Most of the medical journals have said that chronic pain after hysterectomy follow-up between one to five years. Even symptoms and complications after hysterectomy might show up for decades.

Therefore, any women who are going for a hysterectomy should consult the doctor about the possible side effects.  But to tackle the pain the women can do try out some tips to keep the pain under control –

You can opt for exercises such as –

Never sit with butt tucked in and stomach sucked in, rather let your body relax into the natural deep curvature of the lumbar spine. This helps to place the pelvic bones underneath to support remaining pelvic organs.

  • Stand with feet parallel and toes pointed straight head and keep the knees straight, but not bowed back. You need to relax your abdominal wall and strongly lift your chest. Do not such or pull the chest. Keep your shoulders down; not pulled back but upper back is flat.

Some of the back pain treatments suggested by specialist in Chicago, IL are

1. Go for acupuncture to treat lower back pain effectively

2. Choose spinal manipulative theory to reduce pain

3. Do not sitting for a long time, keep on moving

4. You can instantly help you get relief from the chronic pain that you suffer from

5. Stretching is important as you tend to lose your elasticity

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