Auto Accident and Injury Treatment

A brief and instant auto accident can cause severe physical harm to the body. Even in the case of running at relatively low speeds, two cars when collided will transfer enormous amounts of friction to each other, causing a massive affect on the fragile individuals inside the car.

Have you suffered a car accident? If the answer is yes, we would like to tell you that with correct chiropractic treatment one can look forward to efficient and natural healing.

One of the many areas to sustain the serious damage from the collision is the spinal column or the central structural support of the body.

While travelling, if the other car hits yours from behind, your head is likely to jump forward in a violent manner and bounce back immediately, with an equal force. This may cause the tear of muscles and strain connective tissues in your neck and creates a subluxation / spinal misalignment in your cervical vertebrae at the same time. Such misalignment causes one of the discs in your neck to bulge out of its normal position and pinch the nerves that send signals to your arms and legs, leaving you with neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches and the inability to turn your head, in the process. This condition is called whiplash.

Because the victim tends to experience a second impact while hitting an object, such as the airbag, dashboard in the vehicle, some more serious and drastic injuries occur in high velocity collisions.

Whiplash is commonly received from riding inside a car that is hit by another vehicle from behind or, when it collides with another object. When the head jerks back and forth beyond its normal limits, the muscles and supporting ligaments tends to overstretched or in worst of cases torn wide. This result in the rupture of discs between spinal bones and the vertebrates can be forced out from their position. The resulting instability of the spine and soft tissues leads in headaches, loss of sensation in a foot or leg, dizziness, blurred vision and low back problems.

Here are a few important crash Facts you may want to know:

  1. 1.99 million Americans get injured in whiplash accidents each year
  2. Cervical spine soft tissue injury occurs when the vehicle is at 5 mph
  3. Commonly most injuries occur at speeds below 12 mph
  4. A 5 mph delta V crash produces 10-12 g of acceleration of the victims head

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