An Overview of the Different Types of Headaches

According to recent studies, as many as 45 million people suffer from headaches. There are people who experience normal headaches and those who get migraines, which are much more than the normal headaches. The headaches are very painful and getting the right treatment can be a bit tricky.Headache photo

Headaches turn a glamorous day into sorrowful one. Some come and go away quite quickly while others start slowly, and the intensity increases gradually. Knowing the specific type of headache will make a difference in the nature of the treatment you need.

Here, we have the experts to provide you with the latest information on the most common types of headaches with the treatment that works best.

Which are the Major Types of Headaches?

Tension Headaches

Tension headaches are the most common that occur in majority of the people. Tension headaches go together with some other symptoms besides the pain in the head. At times, you may notice that your muscles around the neck or head are painful. You might also feel some tightness in your neck. The headache may be as a result of pressure or throbbing of the temples, at the back of the head or neck. Also, it may occur due to fatigue or stress, or can be as a result of physical problems and depression.

Migraine headachesBoth men and women are affected by tension headaches however women seem to be affected by these headaches more often. Reason being, most women report them more commonly than the men.

Migraine Headaches

Migraines are the most serious illnesses among the different types of headaches. According to the National Health Foundation, approximately 29 million people living in American suffer from migraine headaches. They are often put in their class because their intensive pain and their effect on your body. They are accompanied with symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, sensitivities to light and sound and also vision problems.

In other people, the symptoms may include auras which are signs that occur before the pain starts. An aura can be visual i.e. seeing lines or spots running down your lien of vision, or they can lead to verbal or motor disturbances. Migraines headaches can last for some hours or can extend to days.

The main difference between migraine headaches and the other types is the fact that they typically appear on one side of the head. They are associated with changes in the artery size thus referred to as vascular headaches. Different types of migraines exist, but generally, they begin with dull ache and proceed to pulsate pain that can be felt on one side of the head, or in the back of your head.

Cluster Headaches

Also falls into the category of the most painful types of headaches, cluster headaches are rare, and the attack comes in small groups in sudden intervals. All through the period of cluster headaches, the patient says that the pain comes in small waves or clusters. It might come with 3 to 4 attacks in a day mostly early in the morning or late at night. They are followed by a remission period that may last for months or even longer.

At times, the pain may start around the eyes and spread to the head accompanied by a runny nose. The pain is described as pulsating, burning, piercing, and agonizing. In most cases, men are said to be prone to suffering from cluster headaches as compared to Migraine Headachewomen.

Sinuses Headaches

Sinuses headaches are linked to the sinuses. They are felt just behind the bridge of your nose, in your cheeks and your forehead. This may sound like any variety of headache, but sinus headaches intensify when your head is subjected to intense movement such as bending down to pick something from the ground, or when the mucus and pressure shifts in your sinus cavities.

Pain caused by sinus headaches is not limited to the head alone. At times, you may feel fullness in the face, and the skin might become tender to touch.

Hormonal Headaches

Hormone headaches are referred to as menstrual headaches which start before the period is due or in the process you are menstruating. The hormones induce pain response and, in this case, the headache might be a warning that something else is going on.

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