4 Ways to Relieve Acute Back Pain

We take healthy backs for granted. That is, until back pain makes its debut in your life. If you’re experiencing back pain now, you may find solace knowing you’re not alone (although it won’t relieve your suffering). Back pain is frighteningly common – affecting about 80% of people at some point in their lives.

While the many back pain survivors don’t take your pain away, their own discomfort has helped the medical community develop treatment plans for various conditions that can assist you in managing your pain.


While you’ll want to talk to your doctor about medications that can help relieve your back pain, sometimes you’ll need to rely on over-the-counter products until you get to your appointment. There are many branded options to choose from, all of which tout the ability to help you get through your day. You’ll want to find an anti-inflammatory, and make sure to tell your doctor if you find it necessary to take it for an extended period of time. He or she may decide a different form of treatment will work better for you.


Pain is the body’s way of telling you something is wrong, and different types of pain require distinctive methods of treatment. Some types of back pain, including that from over-exertion, spasms, and stiffness – all of which may be a symptom of underlying conditions – can be helped by applying heat to the area. Depending upon your situation, you can use a heating pad, or take a hot bath. Often, combining heat treatment with other methods, like medication, can enhance the relief you feel.


It’s hard to look past pain, especially back pain – which affect most movements. Meditation has grown in popularity in recent years, and it’s for a good reason. There are thousands of research articles that prove its benefit towards overall health, and researchers are finding it can aid in specific types of relief. In 2015, researchers studied 88 patients suffering from back pain. Those patients learned to meditate, and within eight sessions, they reported remarkable relief from their pain. This study was geared towards chronic back pain sufferers, but there is no reason you can’t meditate on your own to aid in your healing and relief. The best thing about it is it’s free, and you can do it from anywhere. Be sure to use meditation as a complementary treatment alongside any recommendations from your doctor.

Know When to Call Your Doctor

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, twenty-percent of those who suffer from an acute back pain episode will develop chronic pain. If you experience debilitating pain, or your pain lasts for an extended period of time, do not hesitate to call your doctor, or in extreme cases, head to the emergency room. You may be able to prevent long-term back pain by discovering the root cause of your symptoms early. Premier Pain & Spine is ready to help you find relief from your back pain. Schedule your appointment today.