3 Incredible Advantages Of Prp Therapy

Do you remember how your cuts and bruises healed magically when you were a kid? That is just one example of the body’s amazing ability to heal itself. Every day the body repairs itself but sometimes the injury is more than it can heal on its own. That is where regenerative medicine, such as PRP therapy in Chicago, comes in. PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy involves using platelets from your own blood to help injuries heal. Pain specialists at the top pain management clinic, Premier Pain & Spine describe the top benefits of using PRP therapy in Chicago to treat sports injuries, arthritis and more.


Your own blood is used to extract platelet rich plasma that has the proteins and growth factors that your body needs to heal from injury. PRP therapy in Chicago uses a form of plasma that has a higher amount of platelets (5 to 10 times higher) than normal blood. That means when platelet rich plasma is extracted from your own blood and injected, the higher concentration of proteins helps the injury to heal faster.


Since your blood is used to extract the platelet rich plasma for PRP therapy in Chicago and not bone marrow, the procedure is simpler and less expensive. About 60 cc’s of blood is taken to prepare an injection of about 5-10 cc’s.


There are several scientific studies which indicate how effective PRP therapy actually is. There are lab studies that indicate it speeds up the healing process and a recent study out of Hospital for Special Surgery showed that knee cartilage is preserved, while pain relief is substantial in over 2/3 of patients.

PRP therapy in Chicago has shown great results in patients with sports injuries, degenerative arthritis and tendon and ligament injuries.

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