Living with Back Pain: Making Adjustments to the Way You Work

When you have back pain, day-to-day tasks at work can loom ahead of you, seemingly impossible. With a little help from your d

Degenerative Disc Disease, What is it? And How can it be treated?

So you’re experiencing pain in your lower back or neck that reaches your legs, thighs and buttocks and these symptoms worse

A guide to the most common types of pain and how to seek help.

While pain does not feel the same to everyone, it’s important to describe and discuss your pain with your healthcare provi

Foot Pain – Those Boots You Wore Were Not Made for Walking

In 2014, the American Podiatric Medical Association performed a survey, and found that 77% of people have foot pain. Does tha

Is Your Posture Causing You Pain?

We put our bodies through a lot of wear and tear, and we often make it worse by ignoring proper body alignment as we attend t

What is Pain Management?

If you suffer from chronic pain, you probably long for the days before your life was riddled with constant reminders of your

How to Stay Active When Dealing with Pain

When you get hurt, have surgery, or are dealing with a painful condition, one of the hardest parts, especially if you have an

Chronic Pain Can Lead to Loneliness, But Finding Support is Easier than Ever

Many painful conditions are invisible. It makes it hard for the outside world to relate. For example, people suffering from t

Kidney Stones – More than Just a Pain in the Neck

Kidney stones are more than a pain to deal with. If you’re suffering from stones right now, you probably know the excruciat

Dealing with the Anxiety of Facial Pain Associated with Trigeminal Neuralgia

Anxiety affects most people, but living with a chronic painful condition can produce insurmountable anxiety that can be just


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